Sang Hwang Suppository PI 400


A potent advanced rectal delivery system, giving all the benefits of Sang Hwang 400 in a concentrated dose.

Insert one suppository as directed by your veterinarian.


Phellinus igniarius is a mushroom that resembles a hoof. The colour of its stalk varies from dark brown to black. It is found mainly in China, Korea and Japan, where it is treated as a medicinal plant. This mushroom prefers the mulberry tree to other trees and is usually found growing on branches and stems. It is known as Song-Gen in China, Sang-Hwang in Korea, and Mesimakobu in Japan.

In the Asian countries, they have used the mushroom for hundreds of years to treat diarrhoea, gastroenteric dysfunction, haemorrhage, cancers and other ailments. The mushroom is also said to boost the body’s immune system. This is due to the presence of Beta D-Glutan and Lectin. These two polysaccharide-protein complexes possess properties that control the immune system.


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