The Importance of Clipping Your Dog’s Hair

The Importance of Clipping Your Dog’s Hair


Better start trimming away before its too late…

Trimming a dog’s fur is just as important as bathing the dog. However, most dog owners would see the task to be tedious. This is probably because the only experience you’ve had with it is when your dog hasn’t had a trim in months and this forces the both of you to scuffle around to trim it. If that is the case, it’s no doubt you never, or even tried again to, trim your dog’s. What most of us don’t know is that regular trimming will keep the fur at bay and will be easier to manage.
Have all the materials you’ll need ready and place them nearby. Place your dog in a standing or sitting position, and if your dog isn’t the kind to sit still get a leash so as to put him in place. This is important in preventing any minor accidents in case he fidgets unexpectedly.

Use the trimming tools to trim excess hair around the body. Begin with the backs and sides as these are the least sensitive. Trim close to the body but make sure you leave around half an inch to protect the dog from the elements of weather.

When trimming around the paws, nails and tail be very keen. Paws collect dirt in between them so check regularly and clean them. Trim in between the paws too as some amount of fur may grow in that place. When trimming the tail, hold it out and cut not too close, but close enough.


Cut the chest hair as this tends to be quite long. If you’re unsure of how to properly cut or not confident doing the cutting yourself, you may want to leave it to a professional trimmer. Determine the breed of your dog and understand the natural length your dog’s fur has to be. Another tricky area to trim is the area around the face and the eyes. This area is very sensitive and needs attention and care. Dogs tend to become more sensitive when you try to cut around these areas and they might get jerky and may not sit still. If your dog behaves this way, give him a few minutes to relax and soothe him while you’re at it. Give him time to get comfortable enough to allow you to cut his hair again.
It is advisable to use clippers that are sharp and avoid those that are blunt. If the clippers you are using are dull, they’ll pull at your dog’s fur. This will only hurt him and you may find trimming your dog’s hair again more difficult to do.

Trimming your dog’s hair does not have to take a lot of time. For as long as you have all the necessary tools you need already prepared and your dog ready before you start, you’ll be done in no time. It is better to cut your dog’s hair in a regular basis for him to get used to this regimen. Once he is used to have his hair trimmed, the easier it is for you to do.


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