Yes, you’ve heard it right. Yoga, which dates back to thousands of years ago, is trending in our current society, and curious Dog owners are trying to involve their dogs in these activities, in hopes of improving their pet’s overall health.

Here is how Doga works: In a typical Doga class, the first thing to do is to let them off their leashes. It may see daunting but when the owner gets a grip of it, the art of letting go of all restrictions gives dogs a sense of freedom. When your dog settles down, take this time to correct your posture and breathing and learn to separate your feelings through the art of meditation. Once everything is composed, it’s time for your dog to join in! Dogs do not have to do the poses that you are doing. They can pick up your energy if you incorporate them into your yoga poses.

So, what’s in it for your dog? Well firstly, dogs are not left at home, they get to tag along and avoid the anxiety it feels when left alone at home. Secondly just by being there alongside you, it picks up positive energy, energy from you. This deepens natural bond between owners and their companion.

Doga is also very useful in training our breathing technique. The way we breathe has a direct effect on our dog’s central nervous system. When we feel anxious, our dog will become alert and aware, sharing the same tension as we do. Therefore, Doga allows a stress-free bond which is beneficial for both parties.

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