Funtime with your Guinea Pig!

Funtime with your Guinea Pig!


These are a few fun ways to play with your Guinea Pig:

1. Get them a playmate. Your Guinea Pig may get lonely until you get back from work, school or wherever you go during the day. A Guinea Pig friend of the same sex is ideal. Sometimes a Guinea Pig is not wanting to share their ‘territory’ with another Pig. In this case you could put up a wire divider in the cage, so they can still see and talk to each other.

2. Cardboard box with holes for windows. Make sure that the box has the bottom cut out of it, so they do not soil it. The box is used by your Guinea Pigs to exercise, run around and jump up through the windows either side. It is fantastic to watch!

3. A cardboard roll (old toilet tissue roll is great) stuffed with hay, they will have great fun getting it out. It is good for them too.

4. Some Paper for your Guinea Pig to hide under and make tunnels with is also great! It is easy to do as well. Watch as they go around the cage under the paper and sit still as they hear you coming!

5. A small ball like a golf ball or a ping pong ball, is great fun too, as they push it around the cage.

6. A paper bag is great fun for your Guinea Pig to have some fun with too. If you crumple up paper into a ball they will have fun with that too.

7. A PVC piece of pipe for them to hide in and travel through, is great fun just make sure its all cleaned first before you put in in their cage.

8. Guinea Pigs love to chew, so a branch is a great idea to put in their cage – just make sure it’s completely free of any harmful sprays. You can also get a grass bed for the Guinea Pig to play in which I’ve used and are great for my piggies that love to sit and chew it to pieces literally!!

Article Credits: Ideacopy

Author Credits: Sarah Eaton

Image Credits: Pexels

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