Feeding a New Puppy

Feeding a New Puppy


The first rule to puppy feeding is that you can give him solid foods as soon as he will take them. At three months of age, puppies will happily eat, and should it solid food. When you do get the puppy, find out from the breeder or former owner what he has been feeding. If the pup comes to you in good condition, the diet he has been getting will keep him that way.

Rather than take you through a maze of possible diets, here is on we recommend for the young puppy. First meal, milk and pablum or dried cereal, second meal, milk and any good canned soft dog food, third meal, canned food plus a small amount of starchy filler, and fourth meal, fresh meat with fat.

You can also follow your veterinarian’s advice on your puppy’s diet and we strongly recommend this, after all, he will know your dog better than anyone. If his advise on what to feed is different than ours, your best bet is to stick with him. If you puppy has any specific problems, follow the vets advice religiously.

Prepared dog foods are all scientifically compounded by exports. These foods are economical feeding for the puppy and grown dog alike. While prepared dog food may seem like fairly unappetizing messes, they are generally tasty to the dog.

In addition to his milk, meat, starchy filler and prepared food, give him dietary supplements. Bone meal is good for the puppy and will help his growth. Commercial mineral supplements will also help, as well vitamin supplements emphasizing the A and D vitamins.

A good general approach to the number of feedings a day for a puppy is four feedings at the age of two or three months. The pups stomach is small and cannot accommodate the large quantities eaten by an adult dog. The pattern of growth, health, and development is said firmly during the first year, particularly during the first few months. So feed your pup right, with everything nutritious you can, and watch him grow.

Author: Randy Jones

Article: The ultimate guide to feeding your new puppy

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