Bulldog Health Tips

Bulldog Health Tips


All Bulldog owners know the importance of maintaining its good health, the benefits of doing so, and how it works as an advantage for the relationship between them. A healthy dog is a happy one, keeping it in that state will make it love you more, strengthening its bond with you. This also lessens its chances of contracting diseases, which can be minor or fatal. A healthy pooch will of course live longer than the other pooches that are usually neglected or deprived of basic needs. Maintaining its peak condition as much as possible will grant it more years to live.

Nutrition plays a major part in a Bulldog’s health. There are many owners who feel that giving it the leftovers from meals three times a day will be enough, but it never is. Filling its stomach till it isn’t hungry anymore just doesn’t cut it. Like people, they too have daily nutritional needs which has to be complied. Instead of feeding it table scraps, you can feed it commercial dog food instead. Read the nutritional facts on it and see if it’s compatible with your dogs nutritional diet as suggested by your veterinarian. In general, feeding it three times a day is recommended, rather than giving it one mountain meal a day.

Make this a habit, and remember never to overfeed your Bulldog. Having a stuffed balloon-like dog can be very cute and works well with catching the attention of others for your own personal benefit, but it can have many bad effects on the pooch. Overfeeding can cause it to bloat, which can lead to all sorts of problems that can be fatal if left unattended. Eating too much can also lead to obesity, which can also lead to the rise of many secondary diseases. For those out there too scared to buy commercial food because of some issues surrounding them, it’s okay.

Hearing about somebody’s pet dying from eating branded food can cause anyone to doubt the credibility and safety of all commercial dog foods. That’s what made homemade food preparations popular. You the owner can decide exactly what to feed your dog, and how to prepare it. You’ll be certain that all ingredients are fresh and properly processed. Before you go about this, it’s best you consult a veterinarian first – or if you really want to be cheap, search the net for free information. Following a certified safe recipe is important. Knowing nothing about something can kill – some ingredients can really have bad effects on your pet and sometimes lead to death.

You don’t have anything to worry about if you’ve done your homework and know what and what not to feed your dog. Regular exercises is also needed for keeping good Bulldog health. Have it tag along during walks and jogs. Playing with it is also a great form of work-out. Keep your daily routines consistent and fun. Don’t forget to pay visits to your vet for check-ups and advice. And finally, keep emotionally attached with it. Showering it with love and care will give it something to live for, prolonging its life.

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