Aquatic Calcium with Vit C&D3, Probiotics Powder (200g)

Healthy Bones & Digestive System

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High absorption Calcium from Organic Aquatic Source

Active Ingredients (per 1g powder):
Natural Calcium (derived from Lithothamnion Corallioides) 260mg
Vitamin C 125mg
Vitamin D3 150I.U.
Probiotics Mix 150mg

It contains human grade pharmaceutical ingredients only.

Unique Features:

  • 3-in-1 formula for stronger bone and healthy teeth.
  • High bioavailability source of Calcium from 100% organic vegetative origin.
  • Vitamin C promotes healthy bones, teeth and gums.
  • Vitamin D increases the absorption of Calcium.
  • Rich in essential and trace minerals.
  • Probiotics mix to maintain healthy digestive system.


  • is an excellent source from red seaweed, Lithothamnion corallioides, which is harvested in Ireland’s pollution-free Atlantic waters.
  • is high bio-availability and is easily absorbed by body to support various body’s functions.
  • is important for bone development and maintenance.
  • is required for muscle contraction, blood vessel contraction, expansion and transmission of messages throughout nervous system.


Vitamin C

  • is important in supporting bone growth and promoting strong healthy bones, teeth and gums.
  • helps to enhance the absorption of Calcium from intestines in order to increases the bio-availability of Calcium.
  • is a powerful antioxidant to fight against free radicals.
  • is required for the production of collagen, the major structural protein that holds bones, muscles, joints, tendons, connective tissues together.


Vitamin D3

  • promotes the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus from the intestines into the blood.
  • helps to maintain the level of Calcium and Phosphorus in the body.
  • helps to promote bone mineralization together with other vitamins, minerals and hormones to increase bone density and bone strength.


Probiotics Mix – Enterococcus faecium, Clostridium butyricum, Bacillus mesentericus

  • helps maintain healthy digestive system.
  • inhibits growth of harmful micro-organisms in the digestive tract.
  • promotes growth of body’s microflora

Directions Of Use

Below 5kg 1/2 Scoop
5kg to 10kg 1 teaspoon
10kg to 20kg 2 teaspoon
Above 20kg 3 teaspoon

It can be mixed or sprinkled on top of food. For dry food, sprinkle with some water. It can also be mixed with water, juices or milk. Do not mix with hot food, hot water or warm milk.

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