Pet Expo 2016

Pet Expo 2016


A panel of ten pet care experts, including veterinarians, will hold a conference this weekend (March 25 to 27) to educate pet owners on treatments for their pets. These treatments include physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and veterinary acupuncture.

There will also be a lecture on nutrition in pets, including the health impact of feeding pets with processed food. It is the first time such a conference has been organised in Singapore, and will take place at the annual Pet Expo, which is into its third year here. “We will tell pet owners about therapies and the situations they can be applied in…this will help owners to know what they can ask of the vet,” said conference organiser, Dr Jean-Paul Ly, a panellist and veterinary physician of 43 years.

To read more about this article, head over to The Straits Times.

Article Credits: The Straits Times

Author Credit: Rachel Chia

Image Credits: Dr Jean Paul Ly

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