The tough choice to Euthanise a Pet

The tough choice to Euthanise a Pet


Dr Jean Paul Ly’s take on Animal euthanasia:

Some owners come to me and request euthanasia for their pets. Their animal pals are in pain, and it hurts the owners to see them in such a state.

As a matter of principle, I will only relent to this request if all other avenues have been exhausted. What I usually will do is to advise these owners to take their pets home, and to talk to them. Owners need to reassure their dogs and cats that they are fine, and that everything is okay. Because these canine and feline friends of yours live their lives for you; they are hanging often for your sake.

Tell them that you will miss them; and assure them that it is okay to let go. More often than not- and as reported by my clients- your dog or cat will die off naturally, in the comfort of your presence. And this is all a dog or a cat will ever ask for.


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