Singapore Veterinary Association Community Engagement

Singapore Veterinary Association Community Engagement


Dr Jean Paul Ly is a firm believer of Community engagement. He is a passionate member of the Singapore Veterinary Association and strives to promote awareness of Pet Health and other related topics. To view the List of Members in Singapore Veterinary Association, please visit this link.

About Singapore Veterinary Association

The Singapore Veterinary Association is the professional society representing the interests of veterinary surgeons & the veterinary community in Singapore.

The objectives of the SVA are to:

  1. Promote and advance the veterinary art and the practice of veterinary and allied sciences in Singapore
  2. Support, protect and foster the character, status, interests, honour and dignity of the veterinary profession
  3. Inform and acquaint the government & public of Singapore on matters relating to veterinary science and the veterinary profession.

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To find out more, please call +65 6250 2994 or email to

Image Credits: Dr Jean Paul Ly

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