Pet Birds: Things to know before getting one

Pet Birds: Things to know before getting one


Many of us possibly remember Tweety Bird growing up. With his disproportionately massive head and similarly tiny wings, he entertained with his many episodes, concerning highly perilous and complicated interaction with Slyvester the moggy. “I taut I taw a puddy tat! ” is most likely a much quoted reference to his stunning moments.

Given his charming qualities, it could be a decent try to inspect his nature from reality’s point of view : the undeniable fact that he is a bird and what that implies bird owners around the globe. For bird owners, Tweety has a special place in our hearts. He reminds of out the care it takes to make certain that your bird is healthy and contented for the period of its life. For those that are unacquainted with proper bird care and are considering buying one, it is very important to keep some things under consideration.

The Cage – When purchasing a cage, ensure that the cage is sufficiently big to provide satisfactory exercise for your bird. The biggest dimensions should be with regard to length and width, height. How large or how tiny the cage should be is a result of what sort of time the bird spends in its cage.The more time it spends in there, the larger the cage should be and vice versa. The cage should be fitted with perches of varying sizes so that your bird can correctly exercise its feet.

Food – Fresh seed mix should make up no more than twenty percent of its food source. Seeds are high in both protein and fats, so anything else than 0.20 the energy intake would be dangerous for the bird. Veg and fruit should make up the other 80%.

Don’t over feed your animal. This could put needless stress on the birds bone structure. Keep your bird away from common household hazards. These include dogs and cats, plants, paint, ceiling fans, vacuum cleaners and open toilet bowls. Birds frequently unknowing find themselves in compromising circumstances when challenged with these household objects. It’s critical to also take your bird to get regular check-ups at the local vet hospital.

Trained consultant can frequently perceive major sickness before they arrive, saving you mental, physical, and money headaches in the future. Regardless of what sort of bird you have as a pet, there are lots of critical things that most of the people overlook when talking about their pet’s care . Proper pet bird care is something that each bird owner must be educated about. One of the most simple, yet crucial things to understand is that the size of the bird, defines the dimensions of the cage.

A few people buy cages that are essentially too little for the bird they have, either because they’re just less expensive, or they don’t have room for a bigger cage. Keeping a pet bird in a cage that is too little, is deleterious to a birds health. Birds are simply stressed when caged, and a cage that’s too tiny will actually increase the strain level. Get a cage the bird can move around in, and maybe by able to basically spread its wings to make allowance for exercise.

Anything bigger is an extra and your bird will be exceedingly happy about it.

there were many cases of a bird owner awakening one morning, to find his bird dead for no clear reason. The fact of the problem is, the bird had very likely been sick for quite sometime and the owner just failed to notice it. Unless you keep a close eye on your bird, and know what to go looking for so far as the signs and indications of sickness, it might simply go unobserved. Birds have a method of hiding sickness, and oftentimes, when you begin to see the evidence of something being wrong, it’s too late.

Pet birds are not for everybody, and if you do not plan on getting a guide book on caring for birds, or teaching yourself about birds, it’s doubtless best not to get one. Birds are terribly fragile animals, both psychologically and physically, and they demand correct care fulltime to be content and healthy.

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