Are Electromagnetic fields harmful?

Are Electromagnetic fields harmful?


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are one of the most pernicious threats to your health. The question is, how do you limit your exposure to healthier levels? Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, one of my longtime mentors, was instrumental in educating me about the influence of EMFs on health. Klinghardt, who founded the Sophia Health Institute1 in 2012 where he’s still actively involved in the treatment of patients, will not even take you on as a new patient unless you agree to address your EMF exposure. He’s that convinced of its influence.

In Germany, which is where Klinghardt hails from, they’ve been using beneficial pulsed EMF for healing purposes since the late 1800s. Even in high school, they were made aware of the fact that disease-causing EMFs created by high power lines, high magnetic fields, and microwave signals were hazardous to health.

“We were made aware that we shouldn’t sleep next to an electric outlet; that we should not have any lights close to our bed or electric alarm clocks. That was already known in the 1960s,” Klinghardt says. Once Klinghardt took up residence in the U.S., that background knowledge sort of fell by the wayside — until he began working with autistic children. At that point, the reality of EMF and its health effects came back to the fore.

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