4 Reasons Why you should raise Pets and Children at the same time.

4 Reasons Why you should raise Pets and Children at the same time.


“Man’s Best Friend”. A phrase we all hear every so often. Most people agree that owning a pet will build one’s character, so here are 4 reasons why you should raise a pet alongside your kid:

Pets are always energetic

Parents may have encountered the drain of energy after hours of playing with their child. Most adults do not have the same energy level as their children and often “neglect” their child to catch up on a little rest.

Pets on the other hand are packed with energy and can keep your child busy and entertained. It can provide your child with hours of fun without getting bored, while you can catch up on some rest or work. Isn’t that wonderful?

Healthier babies

There are certain studies which have shown that there are health benefits alongside interaction with pets. For example, interaction with Pets can help release the dopamine hormones which are responsible for making one more cheerful. Another study found that kids raised with pets in their family tend to fall sick lesser than others. This is because, dogs tend to carry certain microbes into the house which helps improve the overall immunity of the kids.

Increase Proactivity of your Child  

Nowadays, parents become so busy, that they provide their kids smartphones and tablets as a form of entertainment. This can lead to child obesity and many other health problems. A pet however can help your child stay healthy. Simply by playing catch or chasing one another down the hall, you will see the benefits soon enough.

Grow Responsibility

Kids are curious beings. They adapt and learn from whatever they see around them. Having a Pet around, they learn quickly that pets are dependent on us, and understands the companionship that comes alongside. Your child will become more responsible than others. He/She will become more alert whether their pet have gotten their share of food and water. This will build their character of sharing and caring for others.

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