The healthy relationship between Food and Pet Health.

The healthy relationship between Food and Pet Health.


Dr Jean Paul Ly’s take on pet health and food relation:

What you feed to your pet accounts for 70-80% of the well-being of your animal, with water being the most important nutrient. It is then only commonsensical that you should hydrate your pet often, and ensure that they drink adequate amounts of quality water. Other than that, you should also remember that dietary management and supplementation have a direct impact on your dog’s or cat’s health. Therefore, it is only logical that all pet owners should start young with the animals: a healthy and balanced diet consisting of a mix of meats, vegetables and fruits is as relevant to an animal as it is to a human.

Many pet owners mistakably believe that processed food is the better choice for animals. I want to remind these owners of this salient fact: if processed food is detrimental to human health if taken on a daily basis, so will it be harmful to the animal should the latter be fed this kind of food everyday. As with everything else in life, moderation is the key. Intake of processed food should be balanced with the intake of natural and fresh foods.

There are tonnes of information online nowadays as to how to feed your animals. Pet owners will do themselves and their pet a great favour by familiarising themselves with the right way of feeding the animals.


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