Posted onJul 09 2019
A renowned, professional and well respectable veterinarian – Dr Jean-Paul Ly touches many pet owners as well as their loving pets.

Dr Jean-Paul Ly has shown great care on all the animals under his care.   He is charismatic and well known with the pet owners.  His passion and tender loving care for animals are greatly evidence in how he treats them like his own child.  He kisses most of the pets to soothe their fears and anxieties during the examination in the veterinary clinic. 

Dr Ly is a rare “GEM” indeed in the veterinary industry and I can attest that he is the BEST and only special “ONE and only ONE” with regards to compassion, deep understanding of each medical case and using his rich experiences to treat these pets in the holistic medical ways that would not harm them.   

His dedication to helping the animals to improve their lives is indeed admirable funding his own research on holistic products to treat the animals.  All junior veterinarians under his guidance should learn from him these important elements: dedication, compassion and be passionate veterinarian to strive for improvements all the time.  

I hope he will continue with his research and inspire the young veterinarians to reach out and improve the lives of all these animals.

My pet dog – Princess (Maltese) was critically ill in Year 2018 and had seen countless veterinarians across the island and none can save her.  Worst was none of the veterinarians know what was exactly wrong and had subjected her to countless expensive tests without any success after staying in numerous vet hospitals. 

It is only Dr Ly’s intervention and continued holistic care and treatments that Princess is alive today.   

I am thankful to Dr Ly for his special talent to treat the animals under his care with respect as he tries his best to save them.  

Thank you, Dr Ly!


Pet Owner (for Princess)

Florence Tan


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