Biography: Dr Olivia Ly Lesslar

Posted onMay 24 2019
Hello! I’m Olivia, a medical practitioner and mum to 12 year old Jakey, a staffy-X. I come from a family of medics and allied health professionals

Hello! I’m Olivia, a medical practitioner and mum to 12 year old Jakey, a staffy-X. I come from a family of medics and allied health professionals and we started embracing nutrition and lifestyle factors about 15 years ago and it’s made a world of difference to our lives. My family’s enthusiasm for education, research and thinking outside the box showed me that health is a journey and the answers are not always apparent.

When I first had my interest piqued about non-conventional medicine, I studied remedial therapies including herbs, acupressure and traditional Chinese medicine. I then did a degree in International Relations with a triple major including French and diplomacy, and followed that up with a medical degree and an advanced certificate in skin cancer medicine. Since graduating in 2014 I have worked in hospital, general practice and with a house call service attending urgent cases after-hours on the Gold Coast Australia. My professional interests have come to include gut health, atopy, aesthetics and anti-aging.

Cleaning up my diet has been an ever-evolving beast which changes with new information, education and varying levels of motivation! I was introduced to the paleo diet about 5 years ago and then to the concept of intermittent fasting and although these work for ME, I now realise that one person’s healthy food is another person’s disaster. Individualized medical regimens are the future.  For us and our animals. Along with other tweaks to my lifestyle, I have managed to largely ditch my salbutamol inhaler for asthma and anti-histamine drugs no longer seemingly constitute part of my daily diet! Aesthetics and anti-aging is a bit of a family legacy and I enjoy that aspect of medicine immensely. Excitingly, there are continuously leap-frog advances in technology and new innovative products all the time! I have a growing interest and healthy respect for the gut biome and what this means for metabolism, mental health and nutritional status. 

My health journey with Jakey started with him tearing a cruciate ligament in his knee when he was 10 years old. Luckily my medical background helped me in my research efforts to find out about how best to help him. Not only in the context of his injury but also with regards to general optimal health and aging.

As with how I now practice medicine, I have found that general speaking, there are no magic pills and quick fixes. The most sensible approach is science-based lifestyle and diet modifications, and judicious use of pharmacotherapies. And this is what led me to embrace my father,  Dr Ly’s vision for pet health.

His innovative approach to disease management and well-being meant I took more ownership over modifiable risks which would affect Jakey’s health. Supplements and a grain-free, low allergen diet has seen Jakey incredibly bounce back from his injury and surgery. Dad helped me realise that human health principles are completely transferable to animals and under him I have advanced my general understanding of the gut biome, novel protein and been introduced to stem cells and immunomodulators.

In true scientific style, we now confer and collaborate on probiotics, histamine intolerance, low inflammatory diets and anti-aging advances.


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