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18 years ago, we picked Ball Ball up from our flat’s void deck. She was just a tiny kitten, about one month old.  Before Ball Ball came along, we already had 2 older male cats.  The 3 of them got on well and things...
Jul 09 2019


A renowned, professional and well respectable veterinarian – Dr Jean-Paul Ly touches many pet owners as well as their loving pets.  He has shown great care on all the animals under his care.   He is charismatic and...
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Veterinary Acupuncture dates back 3000 b.c to the time of legendary emperor Hwang Ti, and its earliest application was on horses.
Despite their calm appearance, cats can experience chronic anxiety due to their living situation. Unlike dogs who depend on their
All dogs and cats ate the equivalent of raw diets until the introduction of processed pet food in the 1920s. Now that most pets eat
Hello! I’m Olivia, a medical practitioner and mum to 12 year old Jakey, a staffy-X. I come from a family of medics and allied health professionals


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